Friday: #liveKindness Challenge
The end is nearing!! This doesn't have to be the end though!!
Kindness never has to stop being spread around!!
Thursday: #liveKindness Challenges
WOW!! Three days in and the BANGS kindness being spread around is insaneeeeeeee!! Keep it up fam!!
Wednesday: #liveKindness Challenges
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Tuesday: #liveKindness Challenge
I'm here to announce your next challenge.... choosing to accept will guarantee making someone else's day!! The challenge is here!! Prepare yourselves!!
#liveKindness challenge has begun!
Your mission, should you choose to accept it....
Some Kind Acts for our Furry Four Legged Friend
Do you ever wonder how you could show your unconditional love and affection to your dog? 
Yeah... Me too.
CHALLENGE: #liveKindness
WHY? Because be the change you wish to see in the world amiright.
SHOE PATCHES?!?!?!?!?!
Cast your vote to decide what we make!
Going on a road trip? plane ride? hike? train ride? bike ride? skating? ADVENTURING?? Search no further for the most awesome playlist ever.
I am takin' over this supa awesome blog for a supa awesome company.
 Check out this absolutely incredible video.
You Are Here
A year ago around this time I booked a flight and quit my job to go on a 6 week trip across Asia.
These Are My People
When I used to think of the word "adventure," I pictured some crazy, elaborate thing.
Getting stopped on the streets

I wanted to be part of a movement that could help benefit the entire world.

Express Creativity Outloud
I can always help others through my day to day adventures and vice-versa.

Life's short // Explore the unknown // Encourage others // And above all, BE BOLD

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