Back-To-School With BANGS (…& Billy Madison)

It is difficult for us at BANGS HQ to not think of the scene from Billy Madison when we hear the phrase, “Back to School.”
Sure, going back to school means an end to the summer. But by looking at the glass half full, going back to school is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Here at BANGS HQ, we want you to take this time head-on with these things in mind.
1. You are probably going shopping.
Chances are you are probably going to hit the mall or the boutiques. Well, we hope you also hit up the website and get your favorite pair of BANGS to amp up your style. One of the most crucial physical elements of BANGS shoes would be their versatility. We wear our BANGS with skinnies, skirts, dresses, shorts, yoga wear, you name it and we replicate styles from bohemian chic to nautical to sassy rock ’n roll. No matter your stye, BANGS shoes work! I’m sure you’ve seen our Insta profile! And remember, when you are wearing your BANGS, you are wearing good.
2. You are going to learn new things.
Sure, starting a new school year means being one year older. However, amigos, this is actually quite wonderful contrary to popular belief. Going back to school implies new learning opportunities, both in the school classroom and in the classroom of life. At this point right now, you are that much closer to realizing your dreams or for some of you, achieving your dreams. We can only do what we are passionate about by being open and ready to learn.
So, let’s all take this opportunity head-on by wearing good and being ready to learn. Happy new school year!
By Maggie Carruth
September 03, 2014 by admin
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