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“What makes BANGS shoes so special?” We get asked that question more times than we can count. Fortunately for us, we answer that question with ease and confidence because of what the original BANGS shoe stands for. When the thought of starting this movement crossed Hannah’s mind (and obviously never left), she saw the importance in nurturing a sense of ownership among BANGS supporters.

A sense of ownership: it has been crucial in the growth of the BANGS movement. The first time you lace up your BANGS shoes, you realize you are doing good by wearing good. It is you who claims a sense of ownership over the BANGS movement. It is you who plays a key role in implementing the continuation of what BANGS stands for. It is you who has a tangible and real effect on other people’s lives throughout the world.

The original BANGS shoe was more than just a canvas shoe with a rubber sole that the Chinese working class wore everyday. The original BANGS shoe was a symbol for positive change in which almost anyone could be involved. Today, the BANGS shoe is still a symbol for positive change in which many have become involved. We want to continue to nurture that sense of ownership because, after all, it is what keeps BANGS truckin’.

When have you felt a sense of ownership in the BANGS movement?

- Written by guest writer Maggie Carruth 

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