Where in the world is Kiva?

To be precise, Kiva is present in 76 countries. That’s almost half of the total countries in the world. Cool. In case you were wondering, according to The World Atlas there is currently somewhere between 189 – 196 countries in our big wide world.

Why are we bringing this up? Making a loan to Kiva may seem simple but this is because a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. In order for the BANGS Shoes’ Kiva loans to be successful there’s a large team of Kiva experts on the ground around the world making this happen. Kiva works with 248 field partners and over 450 volunteers across the globe who are doing the daily work to make these loans happen. Not easy stuff. But through their hard work loans are getting to the people in the world who need it the most, often times in very obscure places.

We are also on the ground helping Kiva. More metaphorically speaking. Really, simply by wearing good we are doing good! This is the beauty of the BANGS Shoes Kiva relationship – we are actively helping others around the world in conjunction with Kiva simply by wearing the shoes right wear (see, see what we did there) you are!

So the question should really be, where in the world is BANG Shoes making a difference simply with you wearing them right where you are? 76 countries to be exact.

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