Pay It Forward #TBT

“Think of an idea to change our world – and put it into action.” – Mr.Simonte (Kevin Spacey)

It’s been a while since the movie Pay It Forward was released. 2000 to be exact. Rather than post the typical #TBT image – we want to talk about the theme of the movie. (But yeah, that’s a photo of young Haley Joel Osment above). For those who haven’t seen the motion picture, sorry for the spoiler alert, but some pretty awesome paying it forward happens.

The plot of the movie is a school social studies assignment leads to acts of kindness that spread from city-to-city. When assigned to come up with some idea that will improve the world, a seventh grader boy Trevor McKinney (Haley Joel Osment) decides that if he can do three good deeds for someone and they in turn can “pay it forward” and so forth, then the world might be a better place.

Get outa here.

Here at BANGS Shoes, this pay it forward business sounds a lot like our mission with Kiva. Our version of an act of kindness is to help people all over the world get loans to start their new businesses. Talk about town-to-town. When the loan is paid off it is “paid forward” – almost literally. Meaning that when the loan is repaid to us, in turn we reuse that money again to lend to an entrepreneur somewhere else. In the not so very far future, it is our belief within the BANGS Shoes family (that includes you!), that through our lending cycle with Kiva, we will help spread the idea of helping people help themselves. We hope that just like in the movie Pay It Forward, it will have a snowball effect and before we know it, the number of people helping themselves will be infinite. That’s pretty astonishing.

Mr. Simonte asks the class instead of thinking about how hard it is to be a global citizen, change the adjective to possible. What is possible if you wanted to change the world? We think the possibilities are endless!

Trevor’s idea to pay it forward may seem overly utopian, but is it?

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