It’s happening tomorrow.

The first-ever BANGS video screening is happening in less than 24 hours.

The most amazing thing is, I’m not stressed at all. This family sized bag of Trader Joe’s mixed nuts ate itself in one sitting.


I have been working with many of our BANGS Ambassadors (BAs) one-on-one for over year, but this video screening is our very first effort as a collective, solid unit.


Tomorrow at 6pm EST, on 31 campuses all over the US, our network of over 200 stellar BAs have organized separate video screenings for their specific campuses. This means literally hundreds of eyes will be watching a BANGS video highlighting sustainable development and how our nonprofit partners affect long-term change.

I could not be more proud of our BAs coming together to organize this push for no other reason than to be good and spread positivity.

“The one’s who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the one’s who actually do.”

Stay tuned…. Until then I’ll be here.




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