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I found a journal this morning from when I was in China looking for BANGS factories in 2011.Here's an excerpt for your viewing pleasure!! Can't wait to see what you discover this summer :)
Live BANGS, 


June 2011 I'm sitting at a cafe in Nantong City, on the east coast of China. I have no real plans to leave China because I still haven't found a factory for BANGS. Unfortunately I only have a three month visa. Fingers crossed that's enough time. 

Nantong is definitely an interesting place. It's home to six million people, a little smaller than the combined population of all five New York City boroughs.

By US Standards, Nantong would be considered a bustling, huge city complete with public buses, a contestant availability of taxis, high-rise apartments, a distinct skyline, parks, boutiques, five star hotels, night clubs, four Nantong University campuses, a train station, the richest of rich, and the poorest of poor. 

Nantong is, however, still considered a very small Chinese city.

Shanghai, the biggest city in China, houses 21 million people. The biggest US city is NYC with a population of a little over 8 million.

And when six million people gather in the US, you are bound to see every different color person from countries and cultures around the world.

This is not the case in Nantong. Out of its six million inhabitants, there are only a handful of foreigners. Everyone else is Chinese. 

So if you're a six-foot tall Caucasian American walking around, you get the eery feeling that you've walked in to a party and everyone is wearing the same outfit -- only you didn't get the memo. 

And as you walk around, you feel like everyone is staring at you. And you convince yourself you're paranoid because, of course, nobody is staring at you.

Only in Nantong, everyone IS staring at you.  

I guess this is part of the beauty that makes every single day and unusual adventure. 

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