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Q. How can I get involved in BANGS?

A. We are always looking for motivated, passionate individuals to get involved with our mission and learn more about our non-profit partners. Click here to learn more.

Q. How did you come up with the name BANGS?

A. The Chinese character for the word "help" is Pinyin . The pinyin, or phonetic pronunciation, of the character is spelled b-a-n-g. Our Founder, Hannah, wanted to connect the name of the company to the inspiration and ideology behind the brand so BANGS seemed like a natural choice.

Q. What are BANGS made of?

  • Upper: Canvas
  • Lining: Canvas
  • Binding: Canvas
  • Thread: Nylon
  • Shoelaces: Polyester
  • Eyelets: Aluminium
  • Footbed: EVA (Blown Rubber)
  • Outsole and Foxing: Vulcanized Rubber
  • Counters: Skived Thermoplastic

Q. How did you determine to partner with Kiva?

A. Kiva is one of the most effective micro-finance organizations in the world. You can check out their website at www.Kiva.org. They maintain a high level of transparency, respectable staff, and worthy cause. Kiva was specifically researched and chosen because they support sustainable change everyday. If you have more specific questions or concerns regarding our non-profit partners and BANGS donations, please contact us at info@bangsshoes.com.

Q. Is it possible to make a company or wholesale order?

A. Of course! We'd love to have BANGS in your boutique, small specialty store, or have BANGS a part of your employee uniform! Please send requests to orders@bangsshoes.com.

Q. Where are BANGS manufactured?

A. BANGS were inspired, designed, and manufactured in China! See below for a detailed description of the conditions of our factory.

Q. BANGS Factory Standards

  • Factory is located in a city area nearby public transportation.
  • No required dormitory living, encourages employees to have a more active life outside of work. Factory is nearby affordable apartment housing.
  • Employees start at least at minimum wage and receive wage increases based on skills, responsibility and performance.
  • Working hours are very reasonable. Lunchtime is a full hour. Regular weekends off are given. Employees are paid overtime if they work after‐hours or on weekends.
  • No under aged employees permitted. All employees must fill out legal employment documentation.
  • Work stations are clean and well lit.
  • Machines and tools are regularly serviced for ease of use and better quality craftsmanship.
  • Weekly cleaning provided for factory and bathrooms.
  • Employees are given the option to enroll in a healthcare program.
  • 50% payments made towards optional employees' homeowner fund to help individuals own homes over time.
  • Days off given for national holidays. Extended 2-­‐3 week vacation and annual bonus given for Chinese New Year encourage employees to plan trips back to their hometowns.
  • Year end lunch or dinner held for employees.
  • No uniforms required. Employees are encouraged to dress as they feel comfortable.

Q. Would you consider manufacturing BANGS in the USA?

A. Absolutely! We looked into having BANGS manufactured in the USA a great deal during the development of the company. Unfortunately, the manufacturing industry in the USA was outsourced decades ago. The process of bringing mass-manufacturing back to the USA would mean years of logistics and development, which would equal a huge rise in the cost of goods. The moment mass-manufacturing shoes in the USA is a possibility, BANGS will work to be a part of it.