Flag Tag has begun!

I'm Cassi, a BANGS Shoes Mentor -- to the most amazing squad, the 
#greatlakesgypsies hi fam! -- from the home of the best deep dish pizza, lots of farms, and the Windy City itself.

I'm an Illinoisan...born and raised, with influence from each of the beautiful states I've been privileged enough to romp around in.

I am also the Mentor behind our Brand Ambassador campaign #BANGSFlagTag.

I've seen a few companies pass flags, but none can compare to the community that Hannah has built with BANGS Shoes.

With our close-knit community, imagine what we could accomplish. Imagine what we could conquer with our own flag!

This past summer we moved 3 flags around the USA.

But this Fall, from September into December, our community will pass 16 Flags through 35 States and 5 Provinces in the USA & Canada. Each Ambassador will take the flag on an adventure and share on social media. 


Let me give you a taste of what the flag already does. Keep in mind that this is only the beginning of this campaign.


Pushes people to reach new goals (never been to the top of that mountain you've been wanting to climb? show your pride when you make it to the top and wave that flag!). 

Helps people appreciate their cities in a new light (explore landmarks and neighborhoods around your town and show the world your roots!).

Makes people leave their comfort zones (not normally functioning at 3:45am, up and ready to watch the sunrise? make it your next cherished memory with friends!).

Most importantly, it brings people together.

It shows the world that #livebangs can mean ANYTHING Is your adventure drawing? surfing? photography? traveling? yoga? van life? feature the flag and show us how you #liveBANGS!

This flag is rooted in the BANGS community but its branches have no limit. Where will you take it?

Follow the Flag's adventures by searching the hashtag #BANGSFlagTag!

Happy Flag Tagging,
Cassi Kollmeyer

September 18, 2016 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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