600 Entrepeneurs!!!

It seems like only yesterday that we had invested in just 500 entrepreneurs worldwide...
and NOW WE'RE AT 600!!

Holy wow fam!!

None of this would have been possible with you and the wonderful BANGS community!!
Keep using your adventure to help others find theirs!!

Check out the Instagram story below of when Hannah announced this BANGS milestone!!

This is Munawati!!
The money loaned to Munawati and her family will go towards building a water facility to help her family have a clean water source!!

Borrower image
photo courtesy of Kiva.org

Read about Munawati's story here!!

Thank you to our partner Kiva for making this milestone possible!!
Be sure to check out Kiva's mission right HERE!!

Can't wait to keep working towards more milestones!! And thank you to the BANGS Fam for helping us along this journey!!

Your BANGS Shoes Fam
April 17, 2017 by Haley Funk
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