A Tumblr Contest Too?!?!

What, what?!?! ANOTHER CONTEST?!?!

Yes, yes, yes!! This contest is taking place on our BANGS tumblr!!

By entering in this contest you have the chance to win a stylish Adventure Now Crewneck and a pair of flirtatious Hey Good Looking socks!!

The contest will run from TODAY, Friday May 26th at 12pm EST to Monday May 29th at 12pm EST.

"But hey... how do I even enter into this contest?!"

That... is a very good question, which I have the answer to!

1. Be following @bangs-shoes on Tumblr
2. Like THIS post www.bangs-shoes.tumblr.com/giveaway
3. Reblog the post and tell us what adventure means to you! This is the most important part. Dig deep within yourself and tells us what kind of adventure fuels your inner self!
The winner will be posted at 9pm EST on Monday May 29th!


This your chance adventurous humans! Now go! Have an adventure within yourself and see what fuels your fire!

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May 26, 2017 by Haley Funk
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