A Very Cro(e)tti-ve Individual

Lead BA Artist Profile.
Classification level: Super Classified.

Name: Alex Crotti 
Age: 18 yo
Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina!
School: I attend a small private school called Greenville Classical Academy.
Fav BANGS shoe color/style: London Fog all the way. I have the low-tops, and I love them.

Random funky super classified fact about Alex!!
Fav funky food: Octopus. My favorite local sushi place makes this spicy octopus hand-roll (it’s basically a sushi burrito), and it’s to die for.

Alex Crotti is a young developing artist in the BANGS BA program. These are some questions we asked her about her, her opinions, and advice on art!! She actually is one of the artist who helped design the BANGS Groovy patches!!

Favorite art brand for your preferred medium and why? Prismacolor colored pencils! I love how smooth they are, and I enjoy drawing with colored pencils because it’s so precise. If you’ve never drawn on Dura-Lar with colored pencils, it’s like drawing on butter. 10/10 would recommend.

What form of art is your favorite? For the most part I’m self-taught, but I’ve dabbled in portraits, scientific illustration, sequential art, fashion illustration, fibers, painting, calligraphy, photography… It’s a mixed bag, but I don’t think there’s anything I enjoy more than just picking up a pencil and drawing whatever comes to mind.

Who's your favorite artist? Vincent Van Gogh. When I saw his work at the Chicago Museum of Art, I just stood there total awe. I also really love Andrea Castro and Gregory Thielker. If you haven’t checked them out, their paintings are super unique. I can’t produce anything aesthetically pleasing with oil paint to save my life, so Thielker’s paintings totally blow my mind. 

Do you have any advice for other developing artists? First: you can’t force creativity. Being an artist is hard (like really hard), and sometimes you just have to let your thoughts take you captive. For me, that requires throwing on an old t-shirt and some indie rock music, but everyone is different. Second: if you really truly love art, don’t give up. It won’t always be easy, but along the way you’ll meet some awesome people who are just as passionate about art as you are, and you’ll have some wicked cool opportunities to grow and experience new things. Finally, don’t forget to support other artists!! Even something as simple as giving them some love on social media goes a long way.

Favorite memory/story you've had of/with your art experiences? Most of my favorite memories include sketching with my dad (who was always impossibly better than I was at drawing noses). Other than that, I don’t really have many interesting stories because I’ve been pretty secretive about my art until recently. I’m always surprised when people like my art because I have spent so long keeping it hidden. After being awarded an art scholarship from my top choice college or simply experiencing the unmeasurable joy of making someone’s day with a little doodle, I’ve learned to be less scared of sharing my art. My personal art journey has gone all the way from being told that it was better to be homeless than to be an artist (and believing it) to knowing 100% that I want to own my own art gallery someday.

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