BA Apps Closing TONIGHT

It's a sad day because BA apps close TONIGHT at 8pm CT!!! And we still want YOU!!! So head on over to our site to apply ASAP, before it's too late.


You WILL NOT regret applying to be a BA!!! You'll only regret missing the deadline! This is your chance to make a difference and change yo life. WOOHOO!! Don't miss out on this amazzzzzing opportunity.

BANGS is the REAL DEAL. Don't let anyone you know miss out on our awesome program!! Spread this link: around like wildfire!!!

We promise we won't disappoint. BANGS is wayyyy more than just a brand of (super hip) shoes. It's a community that genuinely strives to make this crazy world a better place and a bit more connected. As an ambassador, you get to see first hand the impact that BANGS is making globally, with the entrepreneurs which it invests in, along with domestically with the huge variety of people who wear them. 

You'll get to participate in exciting campaigns, the design and release of new products, social media interaction, and so much more!! You'll fall in love with the shoes and with alllll the people behind them. You'll have endless opportunities to meet fellow BAs and join a society of the world finest adventurers. 

So, join our AMAZING team today, adopt the #liveBANGS motto, and let your adventure help others find theirs!


September 06, 2017 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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