BANGS Blitz Day #1 Winners!!

BANGS Blitz Day is arguably one of the best days of the month for a Bangs Ambassador. It’s a chance to let your creativity really shine through!!

This Blitz Day was themed “Start Summer with a BANGs”.
The prize categories were: “Best Outdoor Themed,” “Best Summer Vibes,” “Mentors,” “Most Creative Caption,” and “Most Creative Photo.” With over 1,300 votes by BAs and BANGS fans alike, the winners are…

Best Outdoor Themed: @kyoko_mayoree

I was brain storming for a caption But I just couldn't think of one🌩 #bangsblitz #livebangs #startsummerwithaBANG

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It’s not everyday you catch a bolt of lightning for a photo, but our BAs can do anything they set their mind to! What better way to “start summer with a BANGs” than with a storm?!

Best Summer Vibes Winner: @marissashadler

Can’t beat those summer days screaming with excitement on the boardwalk! With your BANGS in hand, your summer is bound to be just a little more comfy, cute, and adventure-ready!! This BA knows how to make the most of summer!

Mentors Winner: @megs.diary

It's time for a new adventure • • #livebangs #bangsblitz #mycolorfulnomads

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These creative nomads stand out from the crowd for sure!! This mentor knocked creativity out of the park, making her new kicks even more unique than before!

Most Creative Caption Winner: @maddi_was_reborn

My sincerest apologies to the lawns that were contaminated by my wishes. #bangsblitz #liveBANGS

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This BA’s photo along with her quirky caption was not just creative, but captures the most whimsical feels of summer!

Most Creative Photo Winner: @corywwright

HOW DID HE DO IT? Anyone else wondering? I sure am. But, hey, that’s why this BA snagged the title of most creative photo! Ocean + BANGS = Mega Summer Vibes

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