#BANGSLDOS is HEREEEE! And it. is. amazing.

What is LDOS you may ask? Well, well, well it stands for Last Days of Summer!!

*cue booing and crying hysterically*

I know, I know. What about summer ending could be fun? That's exactly why your BANGS fam decided to brighten up your final days!!!

#BANGSLDOS is a way for YOU (yes, you!) to partake in some awesome summer adventures by completing challenges and showing BANGS love around your community.

August 11-13 will be RAOK days, a chance for you to really end summer with a BANGs and KICK off the fall. All these acronyms may seem cray but they're SUPER FANTASTIC!! RAOK stands for Random Acts of Kindness, which is EXACTLY what we're challenging you to do.

By completing the daily challenges we send you, you'll not only be getting the satisfaction of helping others, but you'll have the chance to be featured on our IG story and win some PRIZESSSSS!!! Oooh did that magic word catch your eye? Sign up HERE to get in on the action!

Doing good makes you feel so good, that's why we love these posts down below!!

@gravy_smith "This is me picking my sister up from the airport with a beef on weck from Schwabl's - per her request. Bethany got me into BANGS shoes and my first summer as an ambassador I was on her team. Thanks for bringing me into this great company, hopefully I brightened your day a little bit 🤗 #livebangs #bangsblitz"

@itsabbyfields "Pro tip: surprise your friends with flowers 💐💛🌸 #BANGSblitz#liveBANGS"

Help us keep all this loOOooOve flowing by being a part of the #BANGSLDOS campaign!!! Show us how you're rockin' the challenges we send you with #liveBANGS and you just may see yourself on our IG story!!!

August 09, 2017 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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