Warning: This campaign will be uber mushy and lovey-dovey.

With Valentine's Day coming right up, we want to spread the love! Starting TOMORROW up until Feb 14 (Valentine's Day) we'll be sharing some of our favorite things that we love so much with #BANGSLoveFest!!

You can join in on this #BANGSLoveFest by sharing what makes your heart feel all warm and squishy right alongside us. We want to hear about all the people, places, and things that make you feel rainbows inside. This is your chance to show others how much you love them and reflect on all that is sweet in your life.

So...go spread the love!!! Let's make this love fest the greatest of all time and make others feel awesome! We can't wait to see how you join in! 


February 10, 2018 by Blog Creators
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