Can online shopping change your life?

By: Morgan MacLachlan
BANGS Mentor

Can online shopping change your life?

This is exactly what happened when I bought a pair of Sahara Sand BANGS Shoes.

When I first discovered BANGS I fell in love with the slogan “Your Adventure Helps Others Find Theirs”. I looked through the BANGS Instagram and found all types of wanderers, each living life to the fullest while wearing really rad shoes.

For weeks the BANGS brand fueled me to go on adventures and think of new ways to creatively photograph the shoes on my feet. I desperately wanted to be included in what seemed like the coolest group of people to walk the earth.

I eventually gathered the courage to apply to become a BANGS Ambassador.

I was ecstatic to be accepted.

This past summer I was greeted with 1,500 new friends and welcomed into the BANGS Ambassador community, an incredibly passionate, diverse group who all share a need to get out and see the world.

It was mind-blowing to talk to strangers living on the opposite side of the country who felt like best friends.

BANGS became my inspiration to be creative, to photograph more, to step out of my comfort zone.

The BANGS community helped me realize my own potential through the kind words of others, and I began feeling motivated to step outside of my comfort zone and to truly be myself.

The ironic thing is, before this program began I was always insecure about all the things I am passionate about. The BANGS community led me to talk to other people who shared my seemingly random hobbies, and slowly I learned to love these odd things about myself.

When I started to love myself, my relationships with others changed too.

My new demeanor began attracting fellow adventurers and helped me forge friendships I know will last a lifetime.

Most people think that BANGS are just a pair of monochromatic shoes, but to me BANGS is family. I read messages from them and laugh until I cry. I get positive uplifting comments on my social feed from fellow ambassadors I have never even met.

People outside the BANGS community have begun telling me that they are inspired by my adventures.

Our vision comes full circle: Your Adventures Help Others Find Theirs.

All of these wonderful things started to take happen because I bought a pair of shoes. Who would have imagined that lacing up a pair of sneakers would change your life forever?

Certainly not me, but I wouldn’t change it for a thing.


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November 02, 2016 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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