Apparently in Denmark if you're unmarried at 25 you'll get cinnamon thrown at you on your birthday.

By: Hannah Davis Founder, BANGS Shoes

From the pictures it's not just a pinch of cinnamon either. It looks like quite a lot. 

I guess if I'm going to be ridiculed for my life's choices then shame by cinnamon would be top of the list. 

I'm about to turn 29 which, by Denmark's standards, means four years of cinnamon birthdays and statistically leaves me with a little less than 2/3rds of life left to capture. 

The thing is though, 29 years is also just long enough to know that statistic don't prove anything. 

I've seen diseases prey on the healthy, babies full of life's promises not make it past 3 days, and friend's lose both a sibling and a parent in one year. 

Tragedy and failure can strike at any moment and the horribly beautiful thing is that life moves on. 

Why doesn't the world stop with our suffering? 

This experience is ours for the taking, there are no guarantees, and there is not a "correct way to do life".

Capture every opportunity. Share your adventures. 

Don't let the cinnamon-throwers shame you. 

This is your life.

Look; it's beautiful. 



IG: @hannahcdavis 

October 14, 2016 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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