Some Kind Acts for our Furry Four Legged Friend

Do you ever wonder how you could show your unconditional love and affection to your dog? 

Yeah... Me too.

Random acts of kindness aren't just for people,
dogs can be shown acts of kindness as well!

Here are some ways that you can pamper and show kindness to your dog:

1. Belly rubs! cause what dog doesn't enjoy belly rubs from their human.

Pc: Kat Douventzids; Model: Opal

2. Photo shoot! So they can reminisce on their younger days when they're older.

Pc: Caroline McMahan, Model: Lucy

3. Take them on a car ride! So they can flop their tongues in the wind with no regrets.

Pc: Ashton Franklin; Model: Shay

4. Give them a nice warm bubble bath! It'll relax them and make them smell better
(which is a win, win for everyone).

Pc: Haylee Nimmo; Model: Baby Brix

5. Take them to the beach! Cause c'mon, what dog doesn't like to get their bum wet?

Pc: Kahili Anderson; Model: Ele

8. Buy them some cool new shades! So they can block out all the haters.

Pc: Haylee Nimmo; Model: Brix

7. Take them adventuring! No dog gets left behind! Share your adventure with them!

Pc: Blair Shupenko; Model: HQ

8. Buy them some BANGS! Honestly though, imagine BANGS for dogs... lol

Pc: Ashton Franklin; Model: Baby Shay

Doing a few of these things will definitely add a few good points in your puppers book!
Random acts of kindness aren't just for us two legged peeps 😉

Cover Image Creds: Kierra Angell
February 17, 2017 by Haley Funk
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