I have no shame in telling people how much I love my dogs. Like, look at them!

By Stacie Hazlett, BANGS Mentor 


You might have seen our Snapchat (you all should follow it username: BANGSshoes because it’s awesome!) and maybe you saw a few about #BANGSFluff and you’re probably wondering, what in the world is #BANGSFluff.

Well, my name is Stacie Hazlett, and I’m the BANGS Mentor behind this campaign!

When Hannah first came to me with a Snapchat takeover idea I was already excited because I have done about two different takeovers, a hiking adventure and a Mumford and Son’s concert! But! Then she mentioned something that I love more than Snapchat, PETS.

If you were to meet me or even read the “something about me” you would see that “Dog Mom” is usually the first thing listed. I have no shame in telling people how much I love my dogs. Like, look at them!


So anyways, BANGS Fluff. 

As a BANGS Mentor, I help support our 1,000+ Summer participants, so I created a Snapchat sign up for people that have interesting pets, and were able to take some sort of adventure. Of course being accompanied by their BANGS Shoes.

We had TONS of people apply, but because of time I was had to compile a list of 12 people to do a full day takeover with their interesting pets! 

PLUS 14 people to be in “The Dog Days of Summer”, a three day series featuring ONLY dogs and one rebellious cat.

So to start #BANGSFluff, I was the first to do this awesome take over. My dogs and I ran up and down a large hill by our house which was made ten times better because my Redwood HTs came in (GO GET A PAIR, SERIOUSLY!).

 We have so many awesome and interesting people and animals participating in #BANGSFluff ! Like these babies below...





You’ll for sure have to stay tuned to see how these amazing critters and their human BANGS lovers adventure! There’s even a mini pony or two that might make an appearance!

Continue to check BANGS Shoes Snapchat (@BANGSshoes) story to see #BANGSFluff pop up on adventures until July 19th, then stay tuned for the most WOOF packed (& one meow) days ever during July 27, 28, & 29!!

-- Stacie

Check out more pictures of Stacie and her dogs on IG: @staciehazlett!

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July 01, 2016 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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