Fresh New Stickers Designed by Mentor Megan!

Thought our old stickers were outta this world? Check out this fresh new design!

We've re-vamped our design AND the functionality of our stickers with the help of the one and only spectacular BANGS mentor Megan Ryan!

"I looked on Pinterest and at other adventure styled brands and logos and came up with three different designs. From there Hannah and I narrowed it down to the diamond. And then I worked on figuring out what would go inside the design through numerous sketches. I felt like it was important to include part of the slogan within the sticker design because it is a key part of the brand. As for the shoe print, I wanted to add some imagery while staying true to what BANGS truly is, which is a shoe company, and what better to represent that then an image of a BANGS shoe print?" said Megan Ryan, on her inspiration and creation of the new sticker design.

Not only are these stickers super aesthetically pleasing, but they're built for the surfaces they're stuck on. They're made for your cars, water bottles, laptops, and more! BANGS supports adventure in all elements, so we thought you needed some sticker candy that fits these vibes.


You can purchase these awesome new stickers here! As always, tag @BANGSshoes in your pics to show us how you #liveBANGS with this awesome new product!

July 19, 2017 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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