Friday: #liveKindness Challenge

Friday, February 24th, #liveKindness Challenges are here!!!

The end is nearing!! This doesn't have to be the end though!!
Kindness never has to stop being spread around!!

I encourage you to try and do a RAOK every day/week 
or as often as you can!!

Check out today's challenges below and share your experience by tagging @BANGSshoes #liveKindness. These are only ideas!
You can do whatever creative #liveKindness comes to you
and you only have to complete 1 to enter the contest!!
Can't wait to see your #liveKindness!

1) Do the dishes: All of them!! Even if you cook / it's not your turn / those are your roommate dishes... take one for the team and offer to do the
dishes just because you can!!

2) Tip 30%: Waiters/waitresses do so much for us! An extra $5 goes a LONG way!!

3) Pay for a friend's coffee / drink / meal: Out and splitting up checks? Ask to put a friend's things with yours. If they ask why, tell them why you care about them!

4) Invite your best friend(s) over for a stay in night: Show your best friend(s) some love by planning a surprise night with them and have a self pamper
hangout on your couch! Popcorn, movies, the works!

5) WILDCARD: make up your own #liveKindness and share it with us!

Picture courteous of Molly! @mollygould94

Your BANGS Shoes Fam
February 23, 2017 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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