Finding Positivity in Hard Times

BANGS, a name that strikes a smile on my face. During high school, I had many internal battles that ultimately led to me isolating myself. I tried outlets like exercise and art, but I was always alone.


When I discovered BANGS Shoes, I knew that Hannah and Molly were people I would be honored to work with or even associated with. I knew… I had to be a part of BANGS.
Ever since I have joined this family, I have met people who have supported and exerted such love toward me. It doesn’t matter our religious background, social class, gender, or ethnicity. We have a community with such warm and bright outlooks. BANGS is on a mission to spread love, positivity, and support for all who will accept it.


Being an ambassador and now a Mentor, has really pushed me out of my comfort zones and encouraged me to go out and strive for something better then being held captive by the negativity of the world. Life happens and that’s okay, the challenge is being resilient.
You can help someone be resilient today by simply acknowledging a friend/stranger, smiling at others, random hugs, holding the door for someone, giving someone a note of encouragement, keeping care packages in your car to give to the homeless, paying for the person behind you, being intentional, etc. Find some way to let others know that being human is a positive thing.

And this is why I choose to #liveBANGS. So I can help spread positivity every day.

February 22, 2017 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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