Get Low with Our Low Tops!

We've been high key talking up our high tops a lot recently with the release of our new colors. It's time to give our low tops some love too!
The low tops are awesome because they are made of the same canvas as our HTs, but they give your ankles some freedom. Lets get to know our colors!
Stonehenge lts
Just like the HTs, these guys are slate grey as inspired by the rocky Cliffs of Moher. To give them a special touch, they have a vegan brown leather patch on the tongue too! Whether you're rock climbing or relaxing in your backyard, these BANGS are the perfect companion. 
Onyx lts
These bold black low tops are perfect for any adventure year round. Pair them with white shorts or your favorite pair of jeans and you're ready to rock! 
London Fog lts
Love the London Fog HTs? We bet you'll love the lts too! Add some personal touch to your kicks like ribbon or some funky laces to match whatever you're feeling that day.
Can't decide which are your favs? Check out the insta @bangsshoes for more looks, and go grab yourself a pair for your next adventure!



July 26, 2017 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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