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WATCH THIS EPIC #liveBANGS video built by BA Fadimata Maiga.

How do you #liveBANGS?

BANGS Ambassador Feature !!

Ever wonder who makes up the crazy awesome community?? LOOK NO FURTHER!

Full name:  Fadimata Maiga
Age: 19
Hometown: Marietta, GA
BA Position: Lead Brand Ambassador
IG Handle: @filmmaiga

Favorite food: Cheesecake
Favorite style BANGS: High Tops!
Favorite color BANGS:  Sahara Sand

Why did you join the BA Program?
When I read the BANGS mission, I knew that it was something that I needed to be part of. The sense of community and selflessness that the company wholeheartedly expresses drew me in, and I wanted to be part of a movement that could help benefit the entire world through their donations.

What is your favorite lesson from being in the BA Program?
People will really bond over shoes. Since I bought my first pair of kicks, I have been stopped on the street many times from people eager to know where I bought them. The best part about it is that when I explain the company's mission and the small steps it takes that makes a great impact on the world, people get even more excited about wanting to buy a pair!

WILDCARD statement: 
BANGS has provided me with a community of supportive and passionate people to surround myself with, and I can't to see what the future holds for the company and the BA Program!

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December 23, 2016 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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