Hey. I’m Kate. Not Kathryn or Katelyn or anything, it’s really just Kate.

By: Kate Sanchez, BANGS Ambassador

I’m a college student at the University of Texas at Austin. It was a Wednesday in May.

As a college student, May is a busy month filled with studying for finals, and on this Wednesday, I was searching Instagram. I had been a BANGS ambassador for a little over six months.

My best friend Alyssa found out about the company through Instagram, as well. Next thing I knew, she was posting pictures in these cute shoes and getting to link up with tons of crazy cool people. Can you believe that? Millennials.

Anyway, I knew BANGS’ message about helping others find their adventure, and I liked the idea of it.

Alyssa had been pestering me about getting more involved with the brand and maybe helping with the Twitter or the Tumblr pages, like I was some social media guru who knew what I was doing.

So, on this Wednesday, I emailed the owner and creator of BANGS, Hannah Davis, about possibly helping with their social media output. It was worth a shot, anyway, I thought.

I suppose I underestimated the power of the Internet, because the very next day, Hannah emailed me back saying she wanted to speak to me on the phone about potential ideas for the BANGS Tumblr.

Since then, I’ve acquired four new pairs of BANGS; Old Pine is the favorite, thus far. I’ve connected with some pretty incredible humans that also help to expand the brand, like Torey Tomsovic, my partner in crime on the BANGS Tumblr.

SHAMELSS PLUG: follow our Tumblr here. Talk to us; let’s be friends.

The BANGS community is one of immense diversity and scope, with hundreds of BANGS Ambassadors all over the country. It is one consisting of dedicated adventurers and big hearts. It is an interconnected web of colorful souls I’m still getting to know.

One email went a long way for me. Crazy, how things work out like that.

Now, a year later, I know, concretely, that my adventure helps others to find theirs, and their adventure helps them to help others, too.

-- Kate, @katers_sanchez

June 29, 2016 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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