It is nearly impossible to be a hippie nowadays, believe me, I’m trying.

By Alyssa Gonzales @alyssargonzalesBANGS Ambassador

It is nearly impossible to be a hippie nowadays, believe me, I’m trying.

I have gone GMO free, meat free and organic with my food, make up free except for special occasions and (blitz days), and even then most of my makeup is all vegan and free from animal testing. My water bottle is made out of recycled aluminum and I drive a hybrid car.

However, it feels nearly impossible to go more than an hour without staring at a screen.

Laptop, tablet, cell phone (all of which I personally own and are currently in arms reach) -- I can’t seem to escape the feeling that all of these things are not only necessary success, but they are the determining factors.

Twitter. Facebook. Pinterst. Instagram. Tumblr. Snapchat. Periscope. OH MY!

I feel constantly at race with the rest of the world.

Who can answer an email, reply to a text, read the latest breaking story while simultaneously getting over 100 likes on a picture of us #enjoyingnature?

Is it possible to meditate when you know the deadline for your above the fold article is due in less than 24 hours?

Being carefree today requires a touch of selfishness.

Unplugging means, yes, neglecting responsibilities (and probably people) for an hour to cook the creamy avocado pasta recipe that’s been collecting dust on your Pinterest board.

It’s realizing that your energy is divided so much during the workweek, that some “me time” is prudent.

It’s an active effort to unplug.

I thought being green was supposed to be easy. Connect back to nature, they said.

Here’s the thing though. I've learned that a granola state of mind isn't sunshine and good vibes all the time.

Eating organic and vegetarian is expensive.

You’re going to lose a couple of friends, you’re going to piss a few people off, and you’re going to have less cash in your wallet. You’re going to see yourself in a new light, and you might not like seeing all of the rough edges and cracks.

I’ve read so many books and articles over finding your zen, but they’re all a bit too idealistic for me. I just don’t have the luxury of realizing that solitude is wonderful after spending a day on an exotic beach, really tapping into my third eye after bathing under a waterfall.

So how do I achieve the ultimate level of zen without a $10,000 Costa Rican retreat??

Not only do I not have the money for that (hello college student), but I don’t have that kind of time.

Letting go comes with withdrawals.

You’re essentially renouncing the “Be busy to feel fulfilled” mentality that is seen EVERYWHERE and craved by everyone.

Being a hippie today means acknowledging that you’re going to be alone a hell of a lot more than everyone else.

And that is aye ok.

It’s understanding that you chose to know yourself more, so you can get to know others even better.

It’s realizing that once you accept that you’re made from the same atoms, light and energy as everyone else, there is no need to compare.

-- Alyssa 

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