Ho Phap Humanitarian Center for the Elderly

Not too long ago, BANGS Shoes donated money to three different organization in Vietnam.
This is the last out of the three:

Ho Phap Humanitarian (Elders) Center

The following words are from the BANGS representative, Van Pham, who helped the process of donating to the Ho Phap Humanitarian Center.

"We visit Ho Phap center, where foster around 400 old people. In here, they don’t need to worry anything. Volunteers will help them when they get sick, supply food, take care them. We think this is good environment for old people."

"When we came here, they were on meditation time, so we couldn’t take more picture about them. But we sent some picture about their envirement where they live."

"They plant papayas to supply more fruit."


"They plan a lot of kinds vegetable,to supply more food and save money. Everyday, old people will have time to plant, weed, seed, water… And you can look at their result."

This is their special vegetable line. "This mean these vegetable only supplies for worms, birds… to avoid them eat other line vegetables,and it works!!!"

"There are many mangoes in this place,make us feel comfortable ,and supply a lot shadow to advoid sunshine."


This is the men's and women's room entry ways.

"When we came there, they were in meditation time. In here, they have clear timetable, help them to use their time helpfully."

 Your adventure makes donations like these possible. So never stop adventuring fam, because your adventure helps others find theirs!

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June 15, 2017 by Haley Funk
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