Ky Quang Pagoda

Recently, BANGS Shoes donated money to three different organizations in Vietnam.
This is the second out of three:

Ky Quang Pagoda.

The following words are from the BANGS representative, Van Pham, who helped along the process of donating to Ky Quang Pagoda Center.

"On May Day holiday, we visit Ky Quang pagoda that foster 200 more children abandoned. There are 69 normal children, the rest children are birth defects."

"This place established from 1975. On the first time, he just foster some orphaned children. And when there is new born child abandoned, people will contact to him, or the child abandoned directly on pagoda garden, so now there are many children in there."

"This is him- Master Ca -sweet name children call him."
"I usually look at this sigh when I go to pagoda. Children love him so much. When he worked at outside, he will buy a lot of ice-cream, or biscuits or fruits as gilts, so children are very happy."

"Sometime, there was some new born infant abandoned at pagoda garden in 1 day."


"This kids is abandoned when he was 1 day age, umbilical cord wasn’t cut. This women cut umbilical cord for him and take care him until now,14 months.They usually call him is hotboy, because he is so beautiful. And This women has been here 10 years. Children call her is Mom, and she feels warm with that."

 Your adventure makes donations like these possible. So never stop adventuring fam, because your adventure helps others find theirs!

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May 27, 2017 by Haley Funk
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