#liveKindness challenge has begun!

Hold the presses! Random Acts of #liveKindness is upon us! 

Monday Feb 20 -- Friday Feb 24th 

Everyday until Friday Feb 24th days we'll be releasing a list #liveKindness challenges and giving out prizes each day to participants!! 

Check out Monday's challenges below and get ready to share your experience by tagging @BANGSshoes #liveKindness. These are only ideas! You can do whatever creative #liveKindness comes to you and you only have to complete 1 to enter the contest!!

Can't wait to see your #liveKindness!

1) Pay it forward: pay for the person behind you in line!! coffee? lunch?Tell the person behind the counter you're doing a random acts of kindness challenge! You might even start a chain reaction!

2) Put change in an expired meter: Grab a handful of change and just go down the line! Leave a sticky note on the meeter that says "Saw you needed more time! Have a wonderful day!"  

3) Spend all day saying only nice things: go all day without saying anything negative! Maybe even compliment someone in-person!

4) Hide a nice note inside a book: At a coffee shop? book store? library? Challenge them to do a #liveKindness pay it forward act!!  

5) WILDCARD: make up your own #liveKindness and share it with us! 

    Feel awkward sharing #liveKindness?? Don't worry!! Post any picture (preferably BANGS Shoes included) + share how you felt during your experience in the verbiage + encourage others to get involved in #liveKindness!! 

    Stay tuned for Monday's #liveKindness prize & Tuesday's challenges! 

    image by BANGS Mentor @clkollmeyer
    February 19, 2017 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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