Love must conquer hate, even when it doesn’t

By: Kate Sanchez, Lead BANGS Ambassador

We all see it. 

Hate is on the news and our twitter feeds. And as long as humans are around, hate will continue to circulate.

Why do anger and hatred even exist? They are the most useless emotions on our emotional pallet. They spark a vicious cycle of blame and frustration—we are angry with the person we feel did us wrong and frustrated with ourselves for being angry.

I’m exhausted after being angry toward something or someone; it takes a lot to exert negativity.

It is precisely this—the ups and downs of anger—that has lead me to belief we must choose love in order to survive.

Love must conquer hate, even when it doesn’t… Allow me to explain.

I had a rough time in high school—cliques and their exclusionary patterns and whatnot. It was four years of angst overload. Looking back, my misery was nobody’s fault but my own.

I allowed myself to sulk in my anger toward those that hurt me, and because I chose that attitude, I could never grow.

Love must conquer hate, even when it doesn’t.

Life is all about the journey—and the journey will be filled with plenty of downs. We must learn to not sulk in our rock bottoms, or else we might get too comfortable down there.

Choose love.

Yes, we can be angry at times, but nothing good comes from hate. So choose love every time, and the light in your life will become brighter and the darkness will shrink.

The choice of love is one of the main reasons why I love BANGS Shoes.

The community, the founders, the following—it is all based on choosing love. The love of adventure, the love of self-starting entrepreneurs getting a chance, the love of ethical fashion.

Bottom line is as easy as it is to be mad, just breathe. Inhale, exhale, and love.

Love wins, my friends.

Stay golden,
Kate, @katers_sanchez

September 01, 2016 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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