Marching Into Spring... Like A Boss of Course

When the 2017 Spring BA Term is flying by and you realize
that you're awesome and BANGS is awesome
and you just... dab it out.


The time has come BANGS Fam.
Blitz Day #3 of the 2017 Spring Term.

This years spring term theme is "March Into Spring"
(Pretty smart word choice ey? 😉)

Be on the lookout with the blitz hashtags to see all the
post from the BANGS Ambassadors!!


Want to join in on the Blitz?? You totally can!! Below is some
inspo to help you with taking photos and captioning!!

Photo direction: show yourself and your BANGS w/ awesome trees / forest / plants / flowers from your hometown
verbiage direction: how have you grown over this past season?

and ONE last thing!! You don't even have to share a picture. You can
take part by spreading some BANGS love!!
Just go through the hashtags and comment something nice
on a photo you like!! ❤️️❤️️

Happy early Blitz Day!!


Your BANGS Shoes Fam

March 18, 2017 by Haley Funk
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