Meet Mentor Julie!

One of the best parts of the BANGS community is getting to connect with new and unique people, including our incredible group of mentors! Meet Julie Hansard, an incredible artist who shares her talent on her Insta page @juliekhansard.
20 year old Julie is a sophomore at Winthrop University in South Carolina majoring in Fine Arts. She has loved the arts ever since she was young, participating in choirs, playing piano, dancing and singing. Surprisingly, she didn't discover her passion for visual arts until her junior year of high school when she realized the peace it brought her. "Painting allows me to express myself in ways that words and other mediums just could not explain. I fell in love with creating and want to do it for the rest of my life." Julie hopes to have her own studio in the future and share her love of art with other people of all ages. She also has an Etsy page where she sells her work; check it out here
The first thing you notice on Julie's Instagram is the distinct aesthetic it embodies. She wanted it to have a professional look so that her art could be displayed as close to how it looks in person as possible. Julie also emphasizes the use of natural light and says its her number one priority when photographing her work.
Julie is most inspired by nature, which is definitely reflected in an abundance of her pieces. "The earth we live on is such a beautiful and fascinating place that deserves our respect and protection", she says. One of her favorite things to do when painting is to watch nature documentaries so she can learn more about her subjects as she creates them. When asked her favorite animal to paint, Julie said it all depends how she's feeling, but usually bears. 
 Some of Julie's other interests include exploring local shops and historical towns, listening to Broadway, reading, and learning about the world! She also loves hot tea, connecting with other artists, and cuddling under tons of blankets. Her favorite pair of BANGS are her London Fog lts because they go with everything and are super comfy! If she could spend a day anywhere, Julie chose New Zealand (a tough choice since she's a huge Disney World fan) since the little country has so many historical towns, incredible naturalistic landmarks, and a unique culture. 
Thank you Julie, and keep up your phenomenal work!!
September 03, 2017 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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