Mentor Appreciation Day

"It sounded like a tree branch snapping," Kaitlyn said.

This was the noise her arm made when it broke almost entirely in half. 


Doctors said Kaitlyn might never be able to control the movement of her left hand, but in the months of her grueling recovery Kaitlyn never wavered as the main point of support for her 12 Lead BANGS Ambassadors (BAs).  

Kaitlyn is one of 19 BANGS Mentors virtually supporting our 850+ brand Ambassadors scattered across the 3,000 miles of our United States.

Interestingly enough, Kaitlyn was 1 of 2 BANGS Mentors to break their humerus the Spring of 2016.

This is Bretts X-RAY. 

Brett also carried on as an active BANGS Mentor with one arm and zero complaints. 

Kaitlyn Balsama, Brett Hodinka, Alesa Moore, Melissa Anderson, Lexi Farnella, Electra Chronis, Mandi Jackson, Sydney Smith, Sophie Payne, David Prendergast, Karina Baldwin, God'spower Osa, Nicole Gibbs, Marina Aglora, Josh Malech, Ashley Franken, Anna Stamer, Torey Tomsovic, & Georgia Markell. 

These are the BANGS Mentors. 

We have been together through new jobs, break ups, family deaths, health diagnoses, first dates, moves across the country, new apartments, pet surgeries, and (of course) broken bones. 

Summer/Fall of 2015 the BANGS Mentors and I nearly tripled the BA Program from 50 teams to 126 teams. 

This Spring we doubled it again, from 126 to 229 BANGS Ambassador teams.

A BANGS Ambassador's job is to spread our company's mission through social media and word of mouth. 

BANGS Shoes an adventure brand built to invest 20% of our net profits into helping people start businesses. 

To date we have invested in 94 entrepreneurs in 33 counties including the USA. 

Your Adventure Helps Others Find Theirs 

Each Mentor is responsible for 6-15 BA teams, what we call a "squad". 

Mentors have two main goals: communicate + track social media progress and build a virtual community within each of their squads totaling 850+ active BA participants, 229 student teams with an average team of 4 members.

Mentors have organized post card campaigns, t-shirt competitions, scavenger hunts, and drove to frisbee games. 

They wished luck during finals week, asked how the day was, sent wishes for a happy weekend, and thoughts during personal and family illnesses. 

BANGS Mentors are true leaders, genuine and thoughtful. Without them our BA Program would fall apart. 

And without the BA Program, our #liveBANGS mission would fall apart.

Your Adventure Helps Others Find Theirs 

Today is BANGS Mentor Appreciation Day, a special day for us to say thank you to these special people. 

BANGS would not be here without you. 

Thank you,

Hannah and the entire #liveBANGS community


April 10, 2016 by Hannah Davis
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