National Nomad: Morgan

This is Morgan MacLachlan!
She is a 19 year old Mentor who is based out of Columbia, SC and is attending University of South Carolina!

"I love that BANGS encourages everyone to pursue new adventures. And these adventures are not always giant grand things like buying plane tickets to Paris or road-tripping across the country, but smaller scale things like facing your fears of public speaking or discovering a new place within your town. It sounds weird to say that a pair of shoes has changed my life, but they have. I have made new friendships, found new callings, pursued new dreams that I never had the confidence to chase before the company, and I really don't think that I could have done this without BANGS in my life. They're a support system, they're my friends, and they're some of the raddest shoes I've ever worn."


We asked Morgan questions about how she chooses to #liveBANGS in her life and adventures, and here is what she told us!!

Heyo!! What has influenced you to be passionate about travel and adventure?
My whole life I grew up with parents who were constantly taking me with them on new adventures and traveling around the world. It helped me realize even as a little kid that there is so much world out there to explore, and all I've ever wanted to do since then is see as much of it as I possible can.

I am also in love with the idea of the world helping me grow as a person. Every new place I go I feel like I discover something new about myself, and it helps me learn how to be a better person than who I was the day before. I meet new people when I stay at their places and learn who they are and where they came from and it gives me new perspective as to who I am and the things that I've been through and advises me for whatever I may go through in the future.

OMG yessssss!! Adventuring is always a good way to find yourself!! What is your preferred mode of transportation?
I actually happen to love car rides! Planes are amazing and I love seeing everything from a new perspective, but nothing really beats driving through the mountains or looking out at vast countrysides or even going through the occasional quaint little town. You can roll the windows down and blast your music and sing to the people in the car next to you, even though they are probably not listening to the same song. You can have long talks with your fellow passengers, and lemme tell you those late night drives can get deep. Some of my closest friendships are due to drives underneath the stars. Also, it's always a plus that cars can go through drive throughs. If a plane tried to due that I'm pretty sure chaos would ensue.

I totally agree. Nothing beats a good road-trip with friends!! Out of all the places you've visited, where has been your most favorite location and why?
In my most recent road-trip I went to a place called Dismal's Canyon in Alabama. I walked down a flight of stairs to be greeted with walls towering over me, covered in the most vividly green moss I've ever seen. It had just rained and there was a slight fog weeving it's way through the rocks. Underneath that layer of fog were creeks, a few of which I fell into accidentally... and by a few I mean I fell in every creek I came across. #skills. I have never felt so involved with nature and there was no end to the exploration that this canyon held. After many hours of scaling rocks and discovering tiny waterfalls and running the battery out of both my camera and my gopro, it was dark and time to leave. But if the daylight had lasted any longer, I would have never left. 

Speaking of road-trips and friends...What has been your greatest, most amazing adventure with a friend, and why?
I spent 9 days in a car with my very best friend. During these 9 days we drove a total of 2,080 miles, visited 7 states, drank 28 iced coffees, and took a grand total of 4,557 photos. But what can't be counted is the amount of times we laughed until we cried, the level of fear we had as we tried to trek a mile in pitch blackness to a tree-house in the middle of nowhere, and how much closer we became over the course of the trip. Even though we traveled somewhere new each day of the trip, and each location was absolutely amazing, having my best friend along with me is what made it the most incredible trip of my life.

Wow!! That sounds awesome (can i come next time? lol) . If you had one piece of advice for someone who wants to travel, but is scared to pull the trigger what would you say?
There is no time like the present. If funds are deterring your adventure, save up. If no one will go with you, find the perfect place to solo travel. If you are just genuinely fearful of what traveling may hold, know that the positives will far outweigh the negatives. You have to put yourself out there and be vulnerable; you have to feel the fear and do it anyways. Because in the end, good or bad, it is always worth it. The world holds so muc love and happiness and everyone should get to explore it. So if you are ever presented with the opportunity to explore, dive in. I promise you will only regret the chances you did not take.

This is Morgan's National Nomad High Tops with only her road-trip states colored in!!

If you want to follow Morgan and her adventures you can go to her Instagram, linked below!!

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