National Nomad: Natalie

This is Natalie Micah Simmons.
A 27 year old adventurer from Franklin, TN.

"First and foremost, I adore Hannah and Molly. They are two of the most positive and influential people you could ever meet. BANGS Shoes are my go to every day shoe. I love the shoes themselves but for me more importantly, I love the brand and everything it stands for. They are all about helping people and adventure. This world needs more of that."

Natalie and Tyler chase put together a totally dope video for our eyes to observe and watch!!

And these are some things we asked her to show her love for adventure and travel:

So, Natalie, why are you passionate about travel and adventure?
I think everyone in their own way enjoys an “adventure.” Just some of us choose different paths to adventure on. To me, it is important to be well traveled, to see things that aren’t familiar, and to experience the sense of being in a new place. My experiences traveling have opened my eyes in so many unexplainable ways. I think if you don’t find the word “adventure” in your vocabulary, you aren’t living your life to it’s fullest. 

Ah, yes! Adventure is very important for the soul! Best medicine for a person if I do say so myself! Well, what inspired you to begin traveling?
From my trips as a child, to my travels now, I’ve always learned something new on my journeys. I really enjoy seeing what this world is all about, whether it’s submersing myself in the culture of the current city I’m in or viewing it’s architecture and landscapes. 


Out of all the travels and destinations you've been to/on, which one has been your most favorite and why?
That’s a tough one. I am going to say Whistler, BC. If you haven’t been you need to make it a point to go. It’s a quaint little village tucked into a beautiful mountainside. There’s SO much to do there. All of the fun snow activities in the winter, and hiking, fishing, mountain biking, motocross, rock climbing, you name it, in the summer. But, what I think I enjoy about it most is that everyone lends a hand to one another. Also, no one dresses up necessarily. You can be out on the mountain all day and wear the same outfit to dinner. Everyone there gets along and helps each other out. You’ll see people hitching rides or people bartering drinks for a snowmobile repair, it’s awesome. 

Sounds very beautiful there!! Where do you think you'll travel to next?
In a couple of weeks I will be heading to California to attend a ladies only dirt bike camp out called, Babes In the Dirt. It’s going to be a fun filled adventure full of riding dirt bikes in the hills of California with a bunch of crazy girls! 

AHHHH no way!! Now, I know a lot of people feel the want to travel a lot, or somewhere, but are to nervous to jump on it. What is your advice to them?
Don’t be afraid of the unknown. I know it’s easier said than done. Everyone tends to want to plan every step of the trip from the moment they wake up, to the moment they go to sleep. I say set down that pen and paper, put down that iPhone, and stop googling stuff. Figure out where you want to go, and just…go! We are only here once. I never want to be the one to tell myself. “ I wish I would’ve gone there” and I don’t want you to be either! 
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