#NoSpendVenture Apps Close Tomorrow!!

Fam, your time to apply for the No Spend Adventure challenge is coming to an end...
If you missed the deets, here they are once again:

This contest is a video contest. So, get your camera,
BANGS, and friends ready for a wild ride (or not wild).

This contest will take place over ONE weekend. You and a maximum of two
other adventurers have to complete a list of assigned challenges
in 48 hours without spending ANY money... think you can take that??

A side note on this whole shebang:
There will only be 25 teams selected to participate in this contest!!
(3 of these teams are potentially international!!)
One person per team (of three or less) has to apply to be eligible for selection!!

Applications for #NoSpendVenture will
close tomorrow,
Monday, April 10 @ 8pm EST

A written application will be submitted along with the
link to your YouTube or Vimeo application video.

Teams will be announced Wednesday, April 12!!

The rules!!

1) You must complete the no-spend challenge on either: A) Saturday April 15 and Sunday April 16 OR B) Saturday April 22 and Sunday April 23.
2) A list of adventures to complete will be emailed to you Friday evening, 12:00 midnight moving into Saturday of the weekend you choose.
3) You will then create and submit a video about your experience.
4) Your video should be 2-5 mins with a short edit (55 seconds max) to post on Instagram or other social media.
5) You cannot spend money on ANYTHING for 48 hours straight. If you spend any money (even 1 dollar on gas) or complete any of the competition outside of the 48 hours, you will be disqualified.
6) You must be at least 16 years old
7) Maximum team size 3 people

To apply for this contest featuring BANGS Shoes and ENO Hammocks
visit this link

I hope to see some friendly BANGS fam faces among the videos!!
Can't wait to see what's in store
and don't forget to apply before it's too late!!

Your BANGS Shoes Fam
April 09, 2017 by Haley Funk
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