Redwood High Tops BAY BAY

Let's give a warm welcome to one of the newest members of the BANGS Fam!!!!
Redwood High Tops!!
Theses babies are....
> uni-sex
> improved comfort, durability 
> updated branding for ultimate sleekness 
> ready for Adventure 

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Chinook Salmon? Steller’s Sea Lion? Tidewater Goby?

What do those things have in common, you ask? 

Why, they are a small sampling of the threatened animal species being protected by the Redwood forest!!

The Hyperion? Hm, what’s that? The tallest known living tree, roughly 380 feet aka 38 stories tall?!

Coincidentally also living in the Redwood Forest?

Yah, I think so!!!

So strap on your seat belt, you Tidewater Goby you, b/c we got some fresh new colors over in the BANGS ecosystem.

Lace up these stunning Redwood High Tops and you are ready to hit the road and explore what’s out there!

Let your adventure inspire others!

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June 22, 2016 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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