I Accidentally Started My Own Bikini Bottom Brand.

By: Emily La Plume, BANGS Ambassador

Days are best spent wearing a bikini… Especially Saturdays.

Over the past year, I spent my time traveling and studying abroad on two completely opposite sides of the world.

I traveled to 12 different countries and spent over 100 hours on 31 different flights, half a dozen boats, more than a dozen buses and nearly as many trains. I have traveled to and have seen some of world’s most mind-blowing sights and met some of the world’s most amazing people.

From surfing in Portugal, island hopping in Malta, relaxing on the beaches of Bali, bathing elephants in Thailand and everything in between, I wanted to create something that was influenced by all of the people and places I have encountered and use this to motivate others to get out and explore this beautiful world. 

Saturday Swimwear is a bikini bottom company that was inspired by my travels.

What started merely as experimental sewing, turned in to something much greater than I expected. Handmade (with love) by me in my small home in Southern New Hampshire, each piece I make is unique in its own way.

The patterns on the fabric I use are influenced by the places I have been and the world around me. Through Saturday Swimwear, I hope to foster curiosity and ignite the adventurer in every woman.

Saturday Swimwear is named not just after the best day of the week, but also the feeling that Saturdays invoke. Saturday is an escape.

It’s an escape from everyday work stresses. It’s an escape from the chaos that is life. It’s a chance to leave the noise and go on an adventure – whether it be to the beach, the mountains or even just to your backyard.

Inspired by the curiosity that was ignited in me through my travels, Saturday Swimwear embodies my personal idea of freedom and my ideal escape. I would love to hear about what yours looks like.

…Because every day should feel like Saturday.

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July 11, 2016 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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