556 Letters Just Hit the Mail

We have really taken our Ambassador Program to the next level with this fancy shmancy adventure campaign launch.

I'm Christina, a BANGS Mentor and student at The University of Alabama. I work with Hannah and 38 other BANGS Mentors to support our growing Ambassador community currently at 1,300 participants.

Ambassadors have all these terrific ways to plug into the BANGS community and find friends across the country with their same passions.

This summer I pitched the idea to our Ambassador crew for a sticker exchange. It was tons-o-fun, but this fall we graduated that idea to a semester-long PenPal Campaign!

Myself and 8 other BANGS Mentors are heading up this term’s PenPal Campaign by pairing 556 BAs around the globe so they can send friend snail mail to each other.


Each month we have different goofy themes for everyone to incorporate into their letter; whether it’s a sticker, patch, keychain, sock, or photo of themselves to spice up the letter each time.

The mission behind this PenPal idea is to strengthen the BANGS community and facilitate nationwide friendships; it is to break geographical barriers that our communities exists beneath.


We value each other and the company that comes with our BANGS Family. Being a facilitator for this innovative campaign is an honoring experience.

I thrive off being one of the people who sits at the computer blindly matching names, while envisioning all the blossoming relationships that I might be aiding.

Friends are vital to make it through a vicious world and once you have a lot of friends, they block you from seeing the viciousness anymore… all that’s left is love and support—which is what BANGS is all about.

Want to join our Spring 2017 BA Program?

Apply here! We'll be in touch in November. 

Christina Scott

September 19, 2016 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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