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BANGS Pinterest Back At It Again WIth A Giveaway!
Have you seen those “Adventure Now” shirts and thought “GOSH WHY DON’T I HAVE ONE?!”
Is June 10th on YOUR calendar yet?!
GET HYPE! Our next meetup is scheduled in Austin, Texas and you DON’T
want to miss it.
This month, May 2017 over four years later we have initiated 2,400 Lead BAs in 46 states & 16 countries.
Arvo Watches, Thread Wallets, and BANGS Shoes giveaway?!?!?
Is this a dream? Is even real life?? Am I imagining this???
No, no, no, no... This IS real... and it IS actually happening.
Austin, TX BANGS Meetup Deets
SOOO, not only is this meetup JUST a meetup...
There will also be a scavenger hunt happening throughout the day!!
Ky Quang Pagoda
"On May Day holiday, we visit Ky Quang pagoda that foster 200 more children abandoned. There are 69 normal children, the rest children are birth defects."
A Tumblr Contest Too?!?!
By entering in this contest you have the chance to win a stylish Adventure Now Crewneck and a pair of flirtatious Hey Good Looking socks!!
Ho Phap Humanitarian Center
"This is Ho Phap Humanitarian Center. At here, they received around 40 kids, and foster them to eighteens yeas old. They are from 6-18 years old."
Pin It To Win It Contest
(Uhhhh it’s beautiful obviously)
5 MUST VISIT Summer Hiking/Camping Locations
Here are a few locations that should definitely be added to your Summer travel bucket list, Fo Sho
We Have So Much To TACO About!!
Do you love tacos??
Do you love BANGS Shoes??
Have you tried the two together??
National Nomad: Morgan
"I spent 9 days in a car with my very best friend. During these 9 days we drove a total of 2,080 miles, visited 7 states, drank 28 iced coffees, and took a grand total of 4,557 photos."
Summer Is Closer Than We Think It Is
Why should you join the BANGS Shoes Community?
We'd love to have you apply! BUT DON'T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT.....
National Nomad: Pre-Order Ends Tomorrow
Pre-order ends tomorrow and if you REALLY wanted to make sure you got a pair to cover those well traveled feet...
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