Summer Sun Club!


Join our 3 month Summer Sun Club to watch our universe's most powerful star move across the skyline! Every other week, each member of the club will get up early and stay up late to catch those magical moments in the day with our BANGSfam!
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EXCLUSIVE Brand Ambassador Pins
The summer BA term is in full swing and what better way to represent this awesome program than with the super special BA Summer 2017 pin designed by Taylor Friehl
New YouTube video is LIVE!
Wondering How To: Tourist?? WE READ YOUR BEAUTIFUL MIND
Apparently in Denmark if you're unmarried at 25 you'll get cinnamon thrown at you on your birthday.
From the pictures it's not just a pinch of cinnamon either. It looks like quite a lot. 
The #liveBANGS story!
Our Founder gave a TEDx talk! Spend 8 mins learning alllll the deets.
Onward We Move
I caught a glimpse of the descending trail heading down from the summit of Looking Glass Falls. The view stopped me in my tracks.


Mentor Appreciation Day
Doctors said Kaitlyn might never be able to control the movement of her left hand, but in the months of her grueling recovery Kaitlyn never wavered as the main point of support for her 12 Lead BANGS Ambassadors (BAs).  
The Game Changer

We were told it is impossible to support and mobilize college students without having experienced individuals dedicated very specifically to building your Ambassador program. We decided to try regardless.

It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving

This meant three things: 1) BANGS Shoes had just broken sales records on Black Friday, 2) my twenty-eighth birthday was the following day, 3) it was the day of the Clemson vs. USC football game.

The Sky Is The Limit
I’ve been told comparing yourself to others is a bad idea. Masochistic really. There will always be somebody bigger, better, faster, stronger. Always. At least that’s what my Mom told me.


And Then, Everything Changed
I was still living in Charleston, South Carolina bartending full time at South End Brewery. On this particular Valentine’s Day I was dating a strapping young man named David, a chef who also worked at SouthEnd.


The Declaration
The first time I proudly (and naively) declared I would start a business was when I was physically still in China. It was May 2010, the month my teaching contract ended.


Test 1 Test 2 Test 3