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Did you know? October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we're doing something special!! PINK LACES!! These limited edition laces only cost $5 (amazing, right?) AND 100% of sales, yes ONE HUNNA, will go towards breast cancer research.
LAST DAY for Free Gift with Purchase!!!
We're sad that free gift with purchase is ending soon...but NOT YET!! Get your FREE Adventure Flag TODAY before this sweet deal goes away!
All Things Amethyst Giveaway


You know 'em. You love 'em. They're Amethyst HTs! But wait, there's more.

The Coolest Collab with a Common Thread
Check out these awesome Common Threads anklets! You don't want to miss them.
Common Threads Anklet Drops Tomorrow!!!!!

Introducing the limited edition: Common Threads Anklet

Inspired by a collaboration with @thesouthernyogi, this piece of ankle candy serves as a reminder of the universal truths that connect all humans: fear, hope, tragedy, love.


Guess what we started selling? We'll give you some hints....

1. They're cool 2. They're colorful 3. They make your BANGS look AH-MAZING

The Majestic Great Smoky HTs
If you didn't already think that every pair of BANGS feels like a cloud on your foot, our new Great Smoky HTs will ROCK YOUR WORLD.
They're Finally Here!!!
Remember all of those AMAZING new shoes we had available for pre-order?? Well.....THEY'RE HERE!! WOOHOO THAT'S RIGHT!! 
The Patch is Back!!!
Did someone say....PATCHES????!!! We couldn't be more excited that patches are IN STYLE and that they look FANTASTIC with our BANGS!! Ohhhh baby these things are fye.
Anything but Old Fashioned
These babies may be modeled after the medieval monument in England, but Stonehenge low tops are definitely not old fashioned. 
Love Your Ankles
Do you love BANGS, but hate the tan line? Do your ankles need a little extra sunshine? Don’t you worry, we have some snappy (ankle friendly) low tops coming to your rescue!
Onyx Low Tops FTW!

Onyx Low Tops for the win am I right? Surprised we have low tops? Well we do! And they're totally rad!!

Why Siberian Snow Slip-Ons Are THE BEST
We know our high tops tend to shine in the spotlight most often so it's about time I talk about how much I LOVE my slip-ons. These super bangin' kicks were my FIRST (yes FIRST) pair of BANGS ever!! I've shown them lots of love over the past year or so and they still work like magic.
Show the World Where You Go
What better way to show off your creative side than to color in these kicks?
Fresh New Stickers Designed by Mentor Megan!

Thought our old stickers were outta this world? Check out this fresh new design!

We've re-vamped our design AND the functionality of our stickers with the help of the one and only spectacular BANGS mentor Megan Ryan!