The Majestic Great Smoky HTs

If you didn't already think that every pair of BANGS feels like a cloud on your feet, our new Great Smoky HTs will ROCK YOUR WORLD. 

One of our very own BAs, Mary Katherine Mason, designed these awesome shoes and says "I love seeing my design be on a shoe, like it's awesome seeing everyone post pictures of them!" Her biggest inspiration came from her favorite adventure activity- hiking! With her love for the mountains, Great Smoky HTs were born!!

Before Mary Katherine so brilliantly crafted these kicks, ALL of our shoes were made fully from canvas. By feeling these babies on your feet, you may think they're made of rainbows and happiness...and you're not far off!

Great Smoky HT is our FIRST EVER shoe made of GREY JERSEY KNIT. 

Yes, you read that right!!! 

Grey. Jersey. Knit. COMFY. AS. HECK.

Not only are they suuuuuuper stylish but they're even more unique than every other awesome pair of shoes we sell!! The ONE AND ONLY non-canvas BANGS!!!!!! And they CAN BE YOURS.

You know you want 'em.

Show us how you kill your shoe game in these majestic rad dreamy genius HTs with the hashtag #liveBANGS!


August 16, 2017 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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