The Sky Is The Limit

Black Friday 2015: the biggest sales day in the history of our company.

I’ve been told comparing yourself to others is a bad idea. Masochistic really.  

There will always be somebody bigger, better, faster, stronger. Always. At least that’s what my Mom told me.

So when I compare BANGS Shoes to other shoe companies (because what the heck do Moms know? Just kidding Mom you’re brilliant I love you I have a point here) we are literally a grain of sand in our vast interconnected ocean.

The international canvas shoe industry is a billion dollar industry over and over again.

If I told the CEO of Nike our sales from Black Friday 2015, I feel confident he would laugh in my face.

But laugh away my good sir! Progress is upon us. 

We made guesses. The internal BANGS team of 5 members had a contest for what we might sell on Black Friday.

Our fantastically energetic Customer Care Representative, Alexa Denner, made the most optimistic guess. She guessed we would sell almost five times more than our average daily sales.


Alexa was the only person who guessed higher than me but if you know Alexa (picture below), this confident optimism would not surprise you. It’s part of her magical #liveBANGS charm.




And guess what? Guess what we actually sold. 

We sold almost THREE TIMES Alexa’s pie-in-the-sky, wildly optimistic guess.


Okay. So these sales numbers still qualify us as a start-up. But. BUT. BUT!

We literally started at zero! BANGS Shoes started as a mere thought inside the brain of an idealistic 22 year-old. This weekend we hit numbers we never thought we could!




And why? How did we accomplish this?

Because people chose to believe in us.

Family, friends, strangers.

People chose to believe in our company’s mission because they want their dollars to go to more than just a material good. 

Our adventurous, passionate consumers want to help other people and they wear our shoes, out of all the shoes in the world, as a symbol of positivity. 

And that is a beautiful thing.

Yes, we’re still a grain of sand in an endless sea. But after vision, molding, hard work and time, think about what sand is capable of. 

The largest amphitheater ever built, one of the greatest works of architecture and engineering in human history, the Roman Coliseum, is made from concrete and sand.

I’m excited to keep building.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our progress, however small that progress may be.

Because after all…. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Until next time,


December 01, 2015 by Hannah Davis
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