Thursday: #liveKindness Challenges

Thursday, Feb 23rd #liveKindness challenges!!

Monday Feb 20 -- Friday Feb 24th 

WOW!! Three days in and the BANGS kindness being spread around is insaneeeeeeee!! Keep it up fam!!

Check out today's challenges below and share your experience by tagging @BANGSshoes #liveKindness. These are only ideas!
You can do whatever creative #liveKindness comes to you
and you only have to complete 1 to enter the contest!!
Can't wait to see your #liveKindness!

1) Sticky note: Leave sticky notes around your work place/school/house/town with words of kindness for a random person to find! #RAOK #liveBANGS

2) Leave a thank you note for your mailman: Mailmen always seem to slide under the radar. Show them how much you appreciate them safely delivering your mail by writing a thank you note and sticking it to your mailbox! #RAOK #liveBANGS

3) Napkin Nicety: write a compliment on napkin for your waiter / waitress!
Leave it when you get up from your table.

4) Call your mom/dad/grandma/grandpa: Make your parent/grandparents day by calling them. It doesn't even have to be long, just a quick call to see what's up!

5) WILDCARD: make up your own #RAOK and share it with us!

image provided by Lead BA Sam Berry @s_taylorbery

If you feel awkward sharing #liveKindness, don't worry!!
Your BANGS fam is here to save the day!! Post any picture
(preferably BANGS Shoes included) + share how you felt during your
experience in the verbiage + encourage others
to get involved in #liveKindness!! 

Your BANGS Fam
February 22, 2017 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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