Tuesday: #liveKindness Challenge

Tuesday Feb. 21st RAK Challenges are HEREEEEEE!!

Check out Tuesday's challenges below and share your experience by tagging @BANGSshoes #liveKindness. These are only ideas! You can do whatever creative #liveKindness comes to you and you only have to complete 1 to enter the contest!

1) Compliment day: Surfing on social media? write a compliment on your friend's blog, Instagram, twitter. You'd be surprised how far a few words and heart emoji can go!
2) Give food to less fortunate: Drop off food / canned goods at a local homeless shelter / women's shelter/ food bank!
3) Make some baked goods (or buy a cookie!) for your neighbor: Let them in on those deliciously fragrant smells or pick something delicious up on your time out! Give out those treats with a smile.
4) Send a(n) text / email / letter to an old friend: Someone you haven't spoken to in a while? It's ok to make the first move! Tell someone you miss them and you're thinking about them!

5) WILDCARD: Make up your own #liveKindness and share it with us!

Feel awkward sharing #liveKindness?? That is totally A-O.K.!! Post any picture (preferably BANGS Shoes included) + share how you felt during your experience in the verbiage + encourage others to get involved in #liveKindness!!

Make sure to check back tomorrow evening, Wednesday Feb. 22nd, for the next #liveKindness challenges!

Your BANGS Shoes Fam ❤️️ ❤️️ 
February 20, 2017 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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