Ho Phap Humanitarian Center

Recently, BANGS Shoes donated money to three different organizations in Vietnam.
This is the first out of three:

The Ho Phap Humanitarian Center.

The following words are from the BANGS representative, Van Pham, who helped along the process of donating to the Ho Phap Humanitarian Center.

"This is Ho Phap Humanitarian Center. At here, they received around 40 kids, and foster them to eighteens yeas old. They are from 6-18 years old. Some kids are street children,some kids are orphans,other is family so poor,relative couldn’t feed them,so they send them to here. "

"This center place at  remote  land, near mountoun, fresh air. Master said,some months ago,beside land plant vegetable,and they used pesticide, and it spread on air,to their center. He was very worry,and advice to kids need  closed all the door,avoid out to room. Luckily, finally, they change to plant cassava."

"This is  foodball field. Every afternoon ,children will call Master to play together.Even he got sick,he still play with them. But he said: 'that time, I will change to play shuttlecock, it doesn’t waste a lot of energy'. He is worry children upset, or miss family… so he tried his best to beside them, help them overcome difficulties childhood."

"Before children come here, Master will ask them would like to become a novice or not, if yes they will get hair cut, just keep a cap of hair, if not, they will keep whole hair."

"It depends on children of willing. They can change if  their willing change."

" On the first time came here, they cried a lot, but as Master said, just a short time, they became a family quickly, bigger kids will take care smaller kids."


 Your adventure makes donations like these possible. So never stop adventuring fam, because your adventure helps others find theirs!

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May 24, 2017 by Haley Funk
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