Wednesday: #liveKindness Challenges

Wednesday, Feb 22nd #liveKindness challenges!!

Monday Feb 20 -- Friday Feb 24th 

Check out today's challenges below and share your experience by tagging @BANGSshoes #liveKindness. These are only ideas! You can do whatever creative #liveKindness comes to you and you only have to complete 1 to enter the contest!!
Can't wait to see your #liveKindness!

Publicly compliment someone: Think a nice thing about someone while you're in a group? Say it outloud! The person you're complimenting AND the people around will feel good!

Hold the door for someone: We're in such a rush!! Take a minute and let someone (or a group of people!!) go in front of you! What's an extra 5 minutes?

Volunteer: Sign up to volunteer at a soup kitchen, senior center, an animal shelter, or help with river, park or highway cleanup! (this might take some planning but commit to a plan and have fun later!) 

Leave people flowers: Pick wildflowers or buy some flowers to hand out! Leave them on windshields. bike seats, desks, front doorsteps?? Include a little note with something they would like -- a compliment? a small reminder? #RAOK #liveBANGS

WILDCARD: make up your own #RAOK and share it with us!

And remember: feel awkward sharing #liveKindness?? Don't worry!! Post any picture (preferably BANGS Shoes included) + share how you felt during your experience in the verbiage + encourage others to get involved in #liveKindness!! 

Stay tuned for today's #liveKindness prize & tomorrow's challenges! 

Your BANGS Fam
February 21, 2017 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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