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The following excerpts were taken from members of the BANGS Shoes community.
Golly. This. I am so so so in love with y'all's mission! It's incredible. Before I even tell people how rad the shoes are or how insanely comfy they are I tell them about y'all's mission. And how this is making a huge difference in the lives of so many individuals and families! I'm so proud and thankful to get to tell people and be apart of such a great company with an amazing mission!

It [the BANGS Shoes mission] is such a great idea because so many people have skill and talent and ideas to be an amazing business person but they just aren't granted an opportunity and BANGS does just that and it helps people achieve their dreams and that is truly incredible.

"Your adventure helps others find theirs." That is something that I find so encouraging and so positive. It really is something to remember every single day. There are so many people in need, and if you can do anything at all to help, it really does make a difference. The fact that I can feel useful by just buying shoes that I love and supporting a mission that I truly believe in is astonishing to me, and I am forever grateful to BANGS shoes for giving me and so many others that opportunity.

I think BANGS' mission to help people start a business is Interesting and different. There are so many good people around the world who have a disadvantage from reaching the success in their life that they want. I think my favorite phrase that BANGS promotes is "You're teaching a man to fish vs giving a man a fish". Overall I think the mission itself leaves a positive impact on people. You never really see organizations or companies do what BANGS does, so it's a different yet effect way of making change in the world.

I think it's so cool that BANGS as a company is creating something bigger than itself. There are so many creative and exemplary individuals in the world and every one of them should have the opportunity to do what they love.

I LOVE WHAT BANGS STANDS FOR!!! Starting a business can be hard, I've witnessed it first hand with my parents; but I know if you have the support you need, anything is possible. I want to spread the word about BANGS shoes so bad to be able to help families.

I LOVE the mission of BANGS. The fact that this company is helping people start businesses all over the world makes my heart so happy. What I really love the most is the concept of teaching a man to fish vs. giving him a fish. I love this a lot because by giving someone the chance to make/do something so great, and later be able to say they did it on their own with the help of BANGS, is such a crazy reality to me! Being able to start a company based off what someone loves to do is the coolest thing anyone could do. That's why I believe your mission statement is so strong.


I've never heard of a more amazing mission from a brand. As a young creative trying to start a business/film production company myself, I absolutely love the mission behind BANGS. What BANGS does is simply amazing. It's so inspiring! It's incredible to see such a genuine brand that's focused on giving back and helping young entrepreneurs reach their goals and see their dreams come true. Also, I love that the loans that are paid back are re-invested in a new entrepreneur. It warms my heart knowing that there are people out there making a difference like this, and that's why I would love to be a part of BANGS, and hopefully one day become a mentor!

One of my favorite things about the BANGS mission is its "ripple effect." The small businesses that BANGS and Kiva invest in are entrepreneurs who further help others when their paths cross, positively impacting their lives for the better. Those impacted are then part of something very meaningful, which creates a lasting memory driven by help. Perhaps down the road, the individuals impacted will recall such a memory and pass a good deed along to someone else, or tell them about the business that helped them in the first place.

As soon as I discovered BANGS Shoes, I was immediately drawn to the mission of the company. If I receive an opportunity to help support BANGS and everything associated with the firm as a BANGS Ambassador, it would be a very humbling experience in which I would embrace both adventurously and fully.

BANGS Ambassador Applications open April 24th! 
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April 16, 2017 by Your BANGS Shoes Fam
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